Dusty is a guy who sure tries hard. He's thrilled to speak to you now in third person.

Though he's never received a speeding ticket, Dusty has been ticketed for disturbing the peace whilst wearing a gorilla suit in Yellowstone National Park. He feels that Ranger Dennis Young lacked a sense of humor regarding the situation, but whatever.

Dusty completed a bachelor's degree in business management at BYU, where he also minored in media arts. He’s taken a choose-your-own-adventure approach to graduate school, starting a number of businesses, producing independent films, and spearheading other ambitious creative endeavors.

He's served as the creative director for multiple startups and ad agencies, where he has led teams in creating impactful results for both corporate clients and champions of social causes domestically and abroad. Dusty's viral campaigns have surpassed 10X returns on their budgets, and carved out substantial brand awareness overnight in crowded markets. 

Dusty has had the privilege of puking his guts out at Everest Basecamp, hiding from rebels in the bushes of the DRC-Uganda border, filming the largest lava lake in the world, eating the wrong part of the fish in the Philippines, photographing critically endangered mountain gorillas, being charged by a bull water buffalo, and crawling headfirst into occupied bear dens..

A believer that his small-town upbringing in Idaho provided the constraints in which his creativity could learn to thrive, he's anxious to combine his diverse experience to provide outstanding, creative solutions for clients and causes, big and small.

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